What a year 2020 has been.  First we think we are taking off then we think we are landing and then…we are locked in cages.  For those of our readers who love to travel , for the time being our wings have been clipped.  

Right now, nothing is a better equaliser than our current situation, besides baggage claim at La Guardia Airport.  We are all having to wait while that belt goes around delivering our luggage.  Long gone are the days of just summoning jeeves.  They are taking stock too with finally the time to perfect how to care for themselves too.  

Having time on our hands is a great way to really understand what makes us happy in the current moment.  Is it simplicity? Redefining the word luxury, I tend to think leads us to the conclusion that yes, simplicity will be the new luxury.  How that weaves into everyone’s life is going to be different.  However, the silence of solitude is a blessing that we must learn to love.  So what direction will you take?  Have you even thought about it between having to wash all your vegetables with white vinegar for two hours straight?  (Yes, we are a little paranoid around these parts.)  But why not when your wings have been clipped. There are other ways to fly.

Forbidden City as a company will change with you.  We are happy to help you feel more comfortable; honestly, its what Kevin and I have been doing for nearly 20 years in one way or another.  Whether it was making you laugh on Television or seeing you marvel at the touch of our special cashmere – we always understood that comfort was key.  In this day and age, comfort will be at home and the hotels and hideaways where we personally know we are being looked after.  Comfort will be in knowing that where we are headed and how we are getting there is safe.  

As definitions change, so must our behaviour and so must we.  Acceptance of this change will be our new safety.  Whether it’s helping you fall asleep in some fabulous Belgian sheets, or conjuring memories when we present a new perfume, we will continue to create with change in mind.  Nevertheless, still pragmatically and elegantly.  After all, who you are will fundamentally never change.

As you reinvent the way you do things, we invite you to join us on instagram, yet a new turn for us, and mark your photos #reinventsuisse.  Sending inspirational shots from all over the world will help us take stock of how we look at things are changing.

We are wishing you all the best for now and beyond.  Keep in touch with us – you know how to find us.  And if you need some fabulous hand-sanitiser, the new ‘in-thing,’ just click here.

All the best.