Experiences in the Sky

Sometimes thinking about the miracle of modern flight is taken for granted.   There is nothing more special than closing the door to an airplane and then opening it again 12 hours later only to discover a different smell, a different time of day and a completely different world.  As we traverse the globe daily, we experience, feel and learn about so many different aspects of life.  How this transcends taste and style are the magic formula that make Forbidden City® the brand it is today.

Our unparalleled connection with real life people who live above and beyond trend – those who understand that fundamental simplicity are the drivers behind the luxury we know as happiness – are the reason we design pragmatically and luxuriously.  When the miracle of modern flight becomes and every day occurrence, especially private flight, we were asked by several high profile clients to recreate the private inflight experience.

We based our entire study on the senses of travel, after all, these are the senses that are constantly bombarded from the moment our minds shift to journey-mode.  How could we make the experience in a private jet more bearable was not the call to action, nor was how to make it more luxurious, we tasked ourselves with honoring our core clients’ understanding of their lifestyles – nuanced, simple luxuries that create once in a lifetime experiences every time they take to the skies.

A holistic experience begins on the ground and ends on the ground. The magic in the middle is what happens on the airplane.  Bringing back the childish excitement of listening to the jet engine, the personalized greeting by the crew and the smallest minute details that we gloss over fuels the journey to perfection that we help to create inflight.

What does this have to do with perfume, leather, cashmere and skincare?  Plenty.  The connection is not prima facie, rather its the counterintuitive and secondary excitement that comes with feeling the elements we add to the journey.  Finally, the personal element, one that of course can be delivered by a flight attendant, but also can be enhanced by our specially strained inflight SPA therapists, is the decisive factor that separates good from best.

Whether its creating a corporate scent for Luxaviation Group or offering our SkyLab Inflight Spa on board a host of different world-leading private jet operators’ aircraft, that unique touch and offering a helping had to create the perfect flight are secrets we’d rather keep to our private world of Forbidden City.  Welcome aboard!  

Experience our discreet and personalised service.  Whether it’s refurbishing your jet’s interior or catering rare Swiss wines on a flight from Los Angeles to Zürich – our private aviation team listens well and responds.